I've had chronic back pain for most of my adult life, and I had been getting massages to help relieve it. It always helped for a few days, but the results were quick to wear off. My Rolfing experience with Jill was completely different. The sessions were participatory, and more rigourous than massage, but the important thing was that the results lasted. She corrected the alignment of my shoulders, and feet, and all sorts of other stuff, that improved my posture and pain problem considerably. It was unlike any experience I had had before. Jill was patient, and thorough, and explained every single thing she was doing along the way, which was great for my understanding of what was causing my discomfort. The results of Rolfing were immediate, apparent, and fantastic. I highly recommend the entire experience.

Zach Dodson: Graphic Designer, Fencer


To say the truth...at first I was a bit worried by the overheard myth that Rolfing is excruciatingly painful; no matter, I decided to give it a try and found it no more painful than any other massage technique. Jill's professionalism and sincere sense of caring made me feel comfortable from the very first session and I noticed immediate positive results. Within the first sessions I was walking better, breathing better and gained an overall better posture. I noticed my body growing stronger, my mind developing more positive thoughts and gained a new sense of energy and power. I strongly recommend Jill to anyone seeking to improve health and a better holistic relationship with their body.

Robert Gramillano, MBA, CEC, CEIC: Certified Empowerment and EI Coach


When I began the 10-series with Jill my body felt like a beat-up jalopy that did not run nearly as well as I felt it should or could. I had lost my sense of center, my body felt discombobulated and as if it wasn't communicating with my brain or my desires of movement. I was stiff and rigid in my jerky movements. With each session my body's flow, rhythm, and sense of unity returned. I swooshed out of her office feeling like a human. The most lovely thing is that the changes that were accomplished have maintained. Unlike other modalities that can just be band-aids, momentary, Rolfing has reminded my body of how it functions at it's best and my body is remembering.

Claire Mooney, L.Ac, MSOM: Acupuncturist


When I first read about Jill and Rolfing I had a strong feeling it was to be the next stop on my journey. I have to say that the experience exceeded my expectations. It's been really wonderful to rediscover and reclaim the body I was meant to live in. I'm truly grateful for Jill and her work and highly recommend her healing gifts to anyone seeking to feel more at home in their body and themselves.

Len Palombi: Pilates Instructor


I left your office feeling like I was walking barefoot on feathers. My whole right side was tingling and my pull to the ground felt relieving and cradling. I kept touching my arm and thigh to test out how they felt, as if they were something new to me. After walking a few blocks and getting my bearings straight, everything seemed still, and I felt like I was skating down Michigan Avenue. As the night progressed, the tingling and novelty of this sort-of new right side of my body subsided a bit but still everything felt comfortable and calming. It didn't hit me for a few days, but the biggest and most remarkable thing was made evident when I came home. I used to wake up during the night or in the morning from cramping on my right side. Now when I go to sleep, it feels like both sides are sleeping. Not only can I feel sensation in my right side so much more clearly now, but I can also feel my right side resting. And now that I can feel it rest, it rests. And now that it rests, my day is so much more pleasant. I used to have to sit down at work after a few hours because of lower back pain, and now that pain is not present. I haven't even really felt any type of pain like that since I saw you. So yeah, I feel great, and I am very thankful.

Brett G: Veterinarian


I had a really remarkable couple of dance classes since my last appointment. I couldn't believe how much easier I was balancing all the sudden and how flexible my back, especially bending side to side, has become. It was very sudden and surprising. It's been really cool to see how things are coming together. Thank you for it.

Tina M: Sales Rep/Dancer


Rolfing has definitely improved my life--mobility, agility & performance have all been enhanced as a result of my experience with you.  I know that you stated that I would continue to receive benefits of the process beyond our work together, and well, it's a year later and continue to experience those benefits!  I have even lost weight, which I attribute to the Rolfing as well.  Originally, I was skeptical about any realized benefits but as my coach you helped me to expand my mind to embrace the Rolfing which has been beneficial to my mind, body & spirit.  Thank you for everything. Yesterday was my birthday and unlike previous celebrations I now speak of my age in terms of being years young.  I feel like my cells are constantly renewing and my youthfulness is returning.  Life is grand!!!

Florence Denton: Retired Principal